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Damascus - Hijaz Train Station

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Ever since I was in Syria in September I have had a small wish to see the Hijaz railway station. I have read a lot about the railway and wanted to see its train station in Damascus even though I had been told it was not much to see. I got my chance when I went to Damascus a second time in late November.

The station lies in the end of al-Nasr Street, a straight walk from the entrance of the famous Souq al-Hamidiyya by the Citadel. After quick walk I came to the only building that could be the train station. The building looked older than the surrounding buildings and a big train was parked outside. It was not the most impressive building in the world, but interesting enough. The inside however offered a small disappointment. The building had been turned into, or contained, a small and not very impressive book shop. The book shop only offered titles in Arabic and did not have the biggest selection of books. A book cover picturing the head of George W. Bush as the dot in a question mark offered however a minor amusement. The windows of the building saved some of the the impression. They were made up of glass in many colours and gave the inside of the building a very colourful atmosphere.

I was also allowed to see the back of the station where I had a tiny hope of seeing some railroad tracks. In stead I gazed upon a huge hole, garbage and a small unimpressive bridge in the horizon. I did not ask anybody, but I guessed there were plans to add another section to the building, apparently not a very small one either if I should believe the displayed model. According to my slighty outdated Lonely Planet guide book for the Middle East will this new terminal be the terminus of a new Damascus-Beirut railway line.Model of the new station– The current old station is the small building in the front.In the back of the station– In the back of the station where the new terminal will be built.

If you want to learn more about the railway see this website.