Innlegg merkte med ‘الكتاب الأخضر’

Since I first heard of Muammar al-Qaddafi«s Green Book I’ve wanted to read it, but it is not the easiest book to get hold of. A few days ago, however, I discovered that the entire English version of the book is available online here.

In his controversial book Qaddafi outlines his views on and version of democracy and discuss his political philosophy. Mixed with Qaddafi’s colourful personality, I think this could be an interesting read. Here is a small quote:

«A sound rule is that each nation should have a religion. For it to be otherwise is abnormal. Such an abnormality creates an unsound situation which becomes a real cause for disputes within one national group. There is no other solution but to be harmonious with the natural rule, i.e., each nation has a single religion. When the social factor is compatible with the religious factor, harmony prevails and the life of communities becomes stable, strong, and develops soundly.»

Just as Mao had his little red book, Qaddafi has his little green book. Last, but not least, is Ruhnama (The Book of the Soul), written by Saparmurat Niyazov, late president-for-life of Turkmenistan. The latter is a really weird book and is translated into several languages by companies who wanted to invest in Turkmenistan. If you want to read this wonderful book, which have its own statue, you’ll find the whole english text here.

Muammar has also written another book called Escape to Hell and Other Stories, which was published in 1998. A favourable review called it «a lump of uneven, partially digested literary cud», but added that « it’s still a valuable book.» A critical review stated that «It’s tempting to conclude that the man is hopelessly cracked-but often enough there’s method in his seeming madness».  Here is a small story from the book:

«The Blessed Herb and the Cursed Tree»:

Good news for the mentally disturbed, whether male or female. A herb has been discovered in the plains of Benghazi, and it is now sold at Hajj Hasan’s shop. In a television interview I personally conducted with him, and which was seen by more than three million people, Hajj Hasan said that the herb was a cure for the mentally disturbed. As for those who have not yet become mentally disturbed, Hajj Hasan said nothing about them…There is also anti-dizziness medicine. If you should feel light-headed or dizzy for any reason, for example if you get dizzy after shopping for a shirt for your son that costs one dinar at the state-owned store, then finding it at a private store for 20 dinars, returning to the state-owned store to find it gone, then back to the private store only to find that its price had risen to 25 dinars while you were gone only for five minutes, then Hajj Hasan can assure you that he has the right medicine for you…