Shimon Peres om kvifor palestinske born blir drepne

Posta: Tysdag, 6 januar, 2009 under Articles
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Mange palestinske born blir drepne medan nesten ingen israelske blir det. Kvifor? Fordi vi tar vare på borna våre.

– Shimon Peres

President i Israel og vinnar av Nobels Fredspris 1994

In English:

Many Palestinian children are being killed. Almost none Israeli children are being killed. Why? Because we take care of our children.

( Video: Frå NRK )

(Transcription of meeting)

  1. Anna seier:

    bohaaaa! Chlapf a gring!… how you would say in Swiss German!

  2. Elisabeth de Boer seier:

    You squeeze 1.5 million Palestinians (70% of whom have been chased off their land in 1948 ) onto a tiny area, the Gaza strip. You then build a wall around them and when some of them start shooting home-made fireworks at the cities they have been expelled from, you slowly starve them. You then bomb them indiscriminately, without opening the gates. When a horrific number of children die, you tell them this is because they don’t take care of their children. Time to hand back that Nobel Peace Prize!

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